City of Rest’s new location

City of Rest has a beautiful new location in Grafton. The new site has a lot of space, enough for a basket ball court for Guest’s (Clients) recreation. The court was realized through a donation of the  Movember Fundraising Event in Sierra Leone. At the  back of this building is an even  bigger space that … Continue reading

Member update – Newach Outpatient Services

NUWACH OUTPATIENT SERVICES Coalition Member Update Nuwach Outpatient Services is your Freetown neighborhood resource for crisis intervention; employee assistance; individual and group psychotherapy; marriage and family therapy; nutritional counseling; reflexology; stress management; and youth behavioral therapy. Nuwach Outpatient Services current offers the following services:   INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM (IOP) Nuwach Outpatient Services offers a non-medical … Continue reading