About Us


The Coalition aims to advocate for the human rights and dignity of all those affected by and working to improve mental ill-health; including service users, their families, and service providers. Its overall objective is to raise awareness and campaign for increased national commitment to mental health issues in Sierra Leone.

Established in July 2011, the National Mental Health Coalition is a committee formed by and for actors in related field of mental health of all backgrounds. The Coalition has a membership, at present, of thirty (30) represented organisation/institution varying from Government, Non-governmental, Civil Society, International, Faith Based, Traditional and Human Rights. The coalition has achieved a wide and ever-growing membership including service users, caregivers, traditional healers, religious representatives, disability rights campaigners, educational workers, mental health researchers and governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Our Vision

A society which protects the human rights and dignity of people with mental health problems, their families and Service Provider; and provides non-discriminatory and high quality care and support.

Our Mission

To raise awareness around the burden of mental illness in Sierra Leone and campaign for  increased national commitment to, and resources for, mental health issues and services in Sierra Leone whilst building national capacity to care for and support those with mental health needs. The Coalition is dedicated to advocate for the rights of service users and service providers, and for an increased national interest in mental health issues, through creating awareness on the importance of mental health in general for the Sierra Leonean population.

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